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Stand As Ten Thousand is an anti-violence, youth empowerment  non-profit organization whose mission is to Challenge our youth with critical thinking components embedded within our programs and throughout our organization.  We Motivate our youth so that each one is given wind to fly. We inspire which gives our youth the hope that someone believes in them.   


Our Mission: Challenge. Motivate. Inspire.  


Our Vision:  A community where all of our children recognize the preciousness of life and understand that within each of them, talent, strength, resilience and intelligence abound.                                             

Our Intention: To build a community of leaders who understand the power of their thoughts and to use that power to manifests that which is good into the atmosphere.


"For twenty years I tried to make sense of my brother’s murder.  It’s taken me a while but I finally understand that the level of violence placed upon our young people will not go away until it teaches us what we need to learn. I have learned that the best way I can avenge my brother's death is through this vehicle, this organization, this gift.   I believe when we create opportunities for our young people to engage in critical thinking we equip them with a skill that will prove most beneficial along their life's trajectory".    

   - Gregory Banks, President - Stand As Ten Thousand

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