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Stand As Ten Thousand is an inclusive nonprofit organization providing experiential learning to youth  throughout the District of Columbia.  Stand As Ten Thousand's mission, Challenge. Motivate. Inspire focuses on teenagers and young adults ranging between the ages of 12 and 22, to provide experiential learning to equip these individuals with important critical thinking skills necessary to live to their fullest potential.  Stand As Ten Thousand looks at the challenges faced by our youth residing in urban and low-income communities.  Drug addiction, truancy, violence, high school drop-out, teenage pregnancy, struggling with sexual orientation, suicide, homelessness, and gang-relations are some examples of what our teenagers and young adults are facing.  In many cases these individuals are facing these difficulties alone.   Stand As Ten Thousand offers support to these individuals.


According to a 2011 U.S. Department of Justice study, blacks are six times more likely to be victim of violent crimes than whites.  In this study blacks are also eight times more likely than whites to be perpetuators of violent crimes than their white counterpart.  These statements speak volumes to the crisis that black children and young adults face daily. 


Stand As Ten Thousand’s programs focus primarily on providing individuals with the tools and resources to help shift the trajectory of their lives and provide opportunities for individuals who are adversely impacted by their circumstances.  Our programs are geared to help youth look differently at their obstacles and help reframe any beliefs through critical thinking modules that prevent our youth from living a more productive and fulfilled life. Stand As Ten Thousand is dedicated to help change the perception of these individuals and help bring about awareness on how certain beliefs and thought patterns,( those negative and of dysfunctional thoughts and beliefs) ultimately prevent our young people from fulfilling their life’s purpose. This change happens through a collaborative effort with dialogue at the core and life-skills modules that bring about a shift in thought and beliefs. 

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