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The Erase the Memory Gala is Stand As Ten Thousand's signature fundraising gala.  The Erase The Memory Gala highlights the trauma domestic violence inflicts upon our children.  Each year over 15 million children witness domestic violence. During the Erase The Memory Gala, survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse share their personal stories of violence and abuse.  

In 2017, Stand As Ten Thousand awarded activist, writer, speaker and domestic violence survivor Rene' Michelle  the  Stand As Ten Thousand "Impact Award" which recognizes incredible work that educates and empowers individuals by sharing knowledge on the cycles of abuse and prevention.

Raising domestic violence awareness with our youth equips them with knowledge that helps to inform how certain behaviors can be indicators of potential violence and abuse.  Educating our youth  to understand what ‘healthy’ relationships look like may lead to better choice outcomes and end the cycle of domestic violence.

The Erase The Memory Gala is held during October which is recognized as Domestic Violence Awareness month. Please consider a contribution to this worthy cause by visiting our Donate page.  Also, join us for our year long fund-raiser "A Piece of Purple Jewelry". Purple represents domestic violence awareness.  Our "Purple Grapes" and "Purple Sea Beads" jewelry requires a $28.95 donation (includes shipping and handling) and your contribution helps  fund our annual Erase The Memory Gala.  Purchase a "Piece of Purple Jewelry" and show it off at our next annual Erase The Memory Gala. 

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