For years after my brother’s murder I wandered around aimlessly. I left my family,  moved away and began a journey that thru my experiences would shape who I am today. The first couple of years after his death I tried to find my way back to normalcy. What I learned was normalcy would never return. I was forced to re-invent myself and I did. I was a man who had a experienced the murder of a brother. I now shared an experience with so many others whose lives have been turned upside down due to the senseless murder of a loved one.


My intention is to create a space for young people where they can critically engage their thoughts. A place that will challenge our youth through programs that build and foster important critical thinking skills. I want to create a space that changes the life trajectory of at-risk youth. A space where our children can discover their superpower and learn to develop and harness that power for good. I want a friendly space, a kind space, a safe space, a compassionate space. A space where every person regardless of differing abilities, regardless of whom they choose to love, regardless of the color of skin is treated with dignity and respect . I want to create space where we each come as one with the knowing that we Stand As Ten Thousand. Standing on the shoulders of our ancestors who fought the hard fight.

Lastly, I want all of you to know, there is space here. This is not my organization. This is our organization. We are pulling together a team of real-life superheroes.


Welcome to our village!

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