For years after my brother’s murder I wandered around aimlessly. I left my family,  moved away and began a journey that thru my experiences would shape who I am today. The first couple of years after his death I tried to find my way back to normalcy. What I learned was normalcy would never return. I was forced to re-invent myself and I did. I was a man who had a experienced the murder of a brother. I now shared an experience with so many others whose lives have been turned upside down due to the senseless murder of a loved one.


My intention is to fulfill the dream of the Creator through the building of programs that speak to intellect and infuse into the teachings of each curriculum nuggets of generational wisdom that will exponentially shift the trajectory of our youth.

Lastly, I want all of you to know, there is space here. This is not my organization. This is our organization. We are pulling together a team of real-life superheroes.


Welcome to our Kingdom!